Are you a Pupil?

Are you a Pupil?

We want to help you develop your own careers and work readiness skills.

This doesn’t have to happen in school in a classroom. There are a lot of online opportunities that are fun and interactive to help you become ready for starting your career.

Look through this careers website to help you get a better understanding of what we do.

Click on your Year group link below to start your independent careers learning and get yourself ahead.

Year 7 Careers Work

Start to explore some careers that could be of interest to you and suit your personality type. Thinking about how you like to work, your personality and interests is a way of shaping some career ideas that you could start to explore.

Remember- Life is all about choices and the choices you make eventually make you! Start to take charge of your own career choices.

Year 8 Careers Work

Next year you will be choosing your options subjects. To make the right choice you need information at your fingertips! If you don't know all the facts how can you make the right choice? Start to find out all about the range of subjects you could choose by doing some 

Year 9 Careers Work

Where could your GCSE subjects take you in a career? Have a look at careers that use the GCSE subjects you have chosen and explore the different job roles that the different careers sectors. Look at the things people do, the skills set that make them good at a job role and the routes after school that led people to these careers.

Year 10 Careers Work

Post 16 choices and routes. Look ahead at what your choices could be after school. Finding out this information helps you to make the right choice for you. Look at them all by completing these tasks and start to think about the route that is right for you. Take this further by visiting the virtual careers fair or try some virtual work experience to see what you could do after you leave school, try to look at things you have not considered as a career and find out more information. 

Year 11 Careers Work

Keep checking this section of the website to find out about open day events it's not too soon to start getting the information about visiting providers through the many virtual open events designed to help you in your decision making. Make sure you talk through your ideas with a parent, form tutor and when you have your 1:1 Careers interview with Debbie Partridge.


Get ahead with your Careers Research by clicking on your year group and completing some independent careers work.

Each academic year we welcome pupils to apply to become a member of their school Careers Council. The Careers Council is a group of pupils from years 7-11 who meet at least once each half term to look at the careers provision in their school and contribute to planning and reviewing events to support all pupils to be aspirational in their career plans and future working lives

Our Careers Council will encourage our pupils to get more involved with careers and also play a part in shaping what we do. The Careers Council members will meet and look at a wide variety of things such as the careers curriculum, help plan careers events, maintain careers displays around the school and also link directly with employers when they visit the school. They will also work with their year group and form tutors to provide information and get feedback from the pupils in all year groups.