Staff list

Staff List - This page is currently under construction


Mr Mark Trimingham 

Vice Principal

Mr Peter Gilbride -

Designated Senior Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Deborah Smith, Assistant Principal -

Miss Jamie Wheeler, Safeguarding Officer -

Teaching & Learning

Mrs Philippa Curtis, Associate Assistant -

Aspiration & Community

Miss Tracey Pratt, Assistant Principal -

School Business Manager 

Miss Claire Hall 


Sue Mitchell  &

John Collins 

Teaching Staff

English & Modern Foreign Languages

Director of Learning  - Philippa Curtis

Teachers of English

Karen Beech

Sarah Chapman

Philippa Curtis

Catherine Farrell

Amanda Knowles

Teachers of French

Philippa Curtis

Sarah Harrison

Teacher of Direct Instruction

Kim Flynn


Director of Learning - Paul McPherson

Teacher of Maths

Angela Challis

Peter Gilbride

Lee Overy

Alex Ross

Linda Walsh



Director of Learning - Marie Good

Teachers of Science

Stephanie Adcock

Marie Good

Bally Johal

Tracey Pratt

James Rice

Deborah Smith



Director of Learning - Susan Scotcher

Teachers of Geography

Susan Scotcher

James Swann

Teachers of History

Sindy Paul

Joseph Richardson

Teacher of RE

Jess Ashworth

Teacher of PHSCE

Kamila Nowysz


Technology & IT

Director of Learning - Liam McEntee

Teacher of Computer Sciences

Marcus Immins

Teacher of Design Technology

Liam McEntee

Teacher of Food Technology

Gregg Windsor

Creative & Performance

Director of Learning - Asa Wiseman

Teachers of Art, Design & Photography

Rhian Jarvis

Sue Mitchell

Teacher of Music

Serena Hardy

Teachers of Performing Arts

Sharleigh Giddins

Sally Chapman

Teachers of Physical Education

Sally Chapman

Susan Ley

Dom Osborn

Mark Trimingham

Asa Wiseman

Year Champions 

Year 7  - Susan Ley

Year 8 - Rhian Jarvis

Year 9 - Dom Osborn

Year 10 - Sally Chapman

Year 11 - Philippa Curtis


Support Staff

Administration Team

Business Manager - Claire Hall

Jacqueline Buckle - Data  & Exams Manager

Melanie Osborne - PA to Principal

Anne-Marie Kirkham - Front of House Manager

Gaynor Smith - Reception / Administration

Kirsty Spendley - Reception / Administration

Pastoral Team

Emma Clarke - Behaviour Manager

Jamie Wheeler - Safeguarding Officer

Gill Weston - Attendance Officer

School Chaplain

School Counsellors

Sarah Fell - Librarian

Debbie Partridge - Careers Advise

Pastoral Heads of Year

Karen Dorman - Year 7

Marie Parkin - Year 8 & 9

Alex Buff - Year 9 & 10

Holly Huckle - Year 11

Student Support Team

Brian Chapman

Charlotte Higgs

Lily Lissett

Barry McKetteridge

Sarah Tiffany

Lorraine Wilson

Site Services & Canteen Staff

Steven Purkiss - Site Manager

Ryan Morris

Lisa Jeffries - Kitchen Manager

Dawn Steptoe


Gill Hayes - Science Technician

Carolyn Morris - IT Technician

Linda Richardson - Science Technician

Technology Technician

Year 6 Transition:

Mrs Susan Ley

Sickness & Attendance:

Mrs Gillian Weston - Attendance Officer

Parent & General Enquiries:

Ms Anne-Marie Kirkham - Front of House Manager