School Houses

 Our houses are four values that make a person strong, written in Latin. Each one represents an aspect of character that we encourage our students to develop at Heath Lane. 

Veritas (Truth) 

This house represents the respect we have for those who speak the truth and are true to themselves. Being able to value what is right and what is good, is something we instil in all our pupils. Honesty is a value closely linked to freedom, and we believe that our pupils know what is right and are growing up strong, because of this. (Gold)

Scientia (Knowledge) 

This house represents the awe and wonder we have of information and learning. A large part of what makes us human, is a desire for learning and understanding everything around us. This thirst for knowledge took mankind to the moon and beyond, cures diseases and drives technological advances we never thought were possible. Knowledge pushes us forward. (Green)

Virtus (Courage) 

This house represents our bravery and courage as we meet challenges and overcome barriers in our lives. Courage is that feeling we get when although something is difficult- we believe that we can get through it. Courage can make us achieve what we never felt was possible and lights the way in our lives, especially through the dark times. (Red)

Invictus (Unconquerable)

This house represents our ability to bounce back and carry on, even when others may feel we are beaten. Sometimes called resilience, the idea of being unbeatable, even in defeat shows the power of inner strength and a thing we call, grit. It is the very opposite of ‘giving up’ and we know that for our students to live well and happily in the world, they will need it. (Blue)

Each House will choose a yearly ‘patron’ and spend the year raising awareness of their life/work and raising money for charities that support this work.

For example, a House may choose David Attenborough as their Patron and spend the year raising awareness of environmental issues and fundraising for environmental charities.

Due to COVID restrictions we have been unable to allocate our year 7s into houses, This is to prevent year groups from mixing but we anticipate as things return to "normal" we will be able to bring back the house system.


Mr Trimingham