Please find below links to documents sent out to parents more information will be coming to you soon but please  see key dates below

Year 7 September 2023 – Key Dates  



School Visits  


We aim to visit all students at their primary school to meet them for a chat about moving to Secondary School. (This may be over TEAMS) 





Information and forms to Parents/Carers 




We will be contacting you again with more details about the ‘Advance to Go’ (Transition Days) and distributing parent information forms.  They are really important and would like these returned to the Academy ASAP.  The deadline for school transfer forms is the 6th June 2023 when your child comes to the Academy for 2 days.  If they can be returned earlier that would be much appreciated  

Thursday 29th June 

Open Evening 

This is your opportunity to come and find out all the information you will need before your child starts here.  

Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th June 

Transition Days ‘Advance to Go’ 

All students who have accepted their places will be invited to come to Heath Lane Academy to experience life at the Academy.  You will receive specific information about these days so you know timings and what your child will need with them.  

Tuesday 29th August


Autumn Term starts for all years 

Start date for the Autumn term. 

Thursday 5th October

Year 7 Settling in Evening 4-7pm 

This is an opportunity to meet your child’s form tutor and see how they have started life at the Academy