Pastoral care is the provision the school makes to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of its pupils.

A successful pastoral care programme means that as a pupil at Heath Lane you are safe, happy, involved and able to perform to your full potential.

The Pastoral Team also make sure you are integrating well with other pupils and any problems are spotted and dealt with.

Here at Heath Lane Academy we pride ourself on the calibre of our Pastoral Team who convey our warm strict culture at all times.

Meet the Team

Deborah Smith - Assistant Principal

Our Assistant Principal Miss Smith is our designated Safeguarding Lead and the Head of the Pastoral Team. Miss Smith works closely with Mrs Harding on all issues surrounding behaviour and pastoral support of our students.

Miss Smith liaises with Leicestershire school admissions and co-ordinates all mid term transfers. She is also responsible for the management of the LAC and SEND provision within school.

Emma Clarke - Behaviour Manager

Emma joined Heath Lane recently and has worked hard with the pastoral team to embody our warm, strict and kind behaviour policy.  

She works alongside Miss Smith & the Pastoral Team to help our students maintain behaviour within our learning environment.

She has introduced restorative conversations between pupils and teachers, so when a pupil has received a step 2 they have a chance to reflect on their behaviour.


Karen Dorman - Year 7 Pastoral Leader 

Karen has been at Heath Lane Academy for 5 years. All of her own children attended our predecessor school and she lives in the local community, so has close links with the parents and carers of our pupils.

Karen enjoys the difference she makes in the day to day lives of the pupils in her care and gets great satisfaction watching the year 7 pupils mature and adapt to high school.

She is proud of the resilience the year 7's have shown this term and how well they have adapted to online learning.

Marie Parkin - Year 8 & 9 Pastoral Leader 

Marie has been at Heath Lane Academy for 5 years. 

Marie loves working with the year 8 pupils. She likes to support them and help  students  grow in confidence as they mature. She has been on hand to assist year 8 with accessing their home learning and always wants them to achieve their best. 

In her spare time she loves to spend time with her grandson & walk her dog.

Alex Fardon - Year 9 & 10 Pastoral Leader 

Alex is a former pupil of our predecessor school and joined the Pastoral Team in 2018.  

Mrs Fardon returned to HLA on a part time basis in December 2021 after maternity leave and is looking forward to supporting the year 10 group.


Holly Huckle - Year 11 Pastoral Leader

Holly is the newest member of our Pastoral Team and joined us here at HLA in September 2021

Miss Huckle has already established a fantastic relationship with our year 11 group and parents and is looking forward to supporting them through their mocks and examinations this year.

For further information on all aspects of well being please visit our Pupil Wellbeing hub